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When Nipro set out to reimagine the single use, hollow-fiber dialyzer, our goal was to evolve the new ELISIO™ into a product delivering multiple, valuable advantages. Our design and engineering teams accomplished these objectives, innovating an array of powerful, practical benefits.

Our exclusive POLYNEPHRON™ membrane is designed to function more like the human kidney to deliver better clearance performance.

• More homogenous pore sizes, resulting in better clearances of uremic toxins and low molecular weight proteins like β2-microglobulin and myoglobin, with limited loss of important proteins such as albumin.
• Unique ripple structure inside the dialyzer creates more homogenous flow, enhancing small molecule clearances.
• Ultra smooth polyurethane cut surface minimizes risk of blood cell damage and clotting, resulting in better rinseback to patients.
• Improved header shape with redesigned caps to optimize blood flow dynamics.
• Header caps are permanently attached, eliminating unexpected removal or reuse.

• The only dialyzer in the U.S. made with polymers not containing BPA or DEHP, both proven to be endocrine disruptors.

• Lighter than existing dialyzers to reduce shipping and disposal costs, plus it requires fewer raw materials to produce.


Packed 24/case
Single use, high flux dialyzer with polypropylene housing and polyethersulfone membrane
Available with 8 different surface area in m2: 0.9, 1.1, 1.3, 1.5, 1.7, 1.9, 2.1 and 2.5

Product Codes

Product Code *DescriptionPackaging
DD+ELISIO-09H ELISIO-09H PP (0.9 m2) Synthetic Hemodialyzer 24/Case
DD+ELISIO-11H ELISIO-11H PP (1.1 m2) Synthetic Hemodialyzer 24/Case
DD+ELISIO-13H ELISIO-13H PP (1.3 m2) Synthetic Hemodialyzer 24/Case
DD+ELISIO-15H ELISIO-15H PP (1.5 m2) Synthetic Hemodialyzer 24/Case
DD+ELISIO-17H ELISIO-17H PP (1.7 m2) Synthetic Hemodialyzer 24/Case
DD+ELISIO-19H ELISIO-19H PP (1.9 m2) Synthetic Hemodialyzer 24/Case
DD+ELISIO-21H ELISIO-21H PP (2.1 m2) Synthetic Hemodialyzer 24/Case
DD+ELISIO-25H ELISIO-25H PP (2.5 m2) Synthetic Hemodialyzer 24/Case

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