Product Feature

• Polypropylene syringe barrel and specially formulated elastomer stopper result in a smooth, accurate motion along the entire length of the barrel
• Materials are inert and compatible with delivered medications
• Syringes are ETO sterilized and undergo automated inspection to assure uniform quality
• Exceptional clarity – clear barrel for precise volume reading


• 有 1cc, 3cc, 5cc, 10cc, 20cc, 30cc and 50cc
• 有 Luer-Lock, Luer-Slip and Eccentric-Luer tip
• 方便的包裝 - 紙張與塑料的回收量減少50%

Nipro Injection Systems Sell Sheet

Product Codes

Product Code *Description
JD+01D2238 1cc 22GX1 ½  – Dose-Saver
JD+03D2238 3cc 22GX1 ½  – Dose-Saver
JD+01D2516 1cc 25GX5/8 – Dose-Saver
JD+01L TB Luer-Lock without Needle
JD+01T TB Luer-Lock without Needle
JD+01T2516 TB 1cc 25GX5/8
JD+01T2609 TB 1cc 26GX3/8
JD+01T2713 TB 1cc 27GX½
JD+03L 3cc Luer-Lock without Needle
JD+03L2025 3cc Luer-Lock 20GX1
JD+03L2038 3cc Luer-Lock 20GX1 ½
JD+03L2125 3cc Luer-Lock 21GX1
JD+03L2138 3cc Luer-Lock 21GX1 ½
JD+03L2219 3cc Luer-Lock 22GX3/4
JD+03L2225 3cc Luer-Lock 22GX1
JD+03L2238 3cc Luer-Lock 22GX½
JD+03L2325 3cc Luer-Lock 23GX1
JD+03L2332 3cc Luer-Lock 23GX1 ¼
JD+03L2338 3cc Luer-Lock 23GX½
JD+03L2516 3cc Luer-Lock 25GX5/8
JD+03L2525 3cc Luer-Lock 25GX1
JD+03L2538 3cc Luer-Lock 25GX½
JD+03S 3cc Luer-Slip without Needle
JD+03S2025 3cc Luer-Slip 20GX1
JD+03S2125 3cc Luer-Slip 21GX1
JD+03S2219 3cc Luer-Slip 22GX3/4
JD+03S2225 3cc Luer-Slip 22GX1
JD+03S2325 3cc Luer-Slip 23GX1
JD+03S2516 3cc Luer-Slip 25GX5/8
JD+05L 5cc Luer-Lock without Needle
JD+05L2025 5cc Luer-Lock 20GX1
JD+05L2038 5cc Luer-Lock 20GX½
JD+05L2125 5cc Luer-Lock 21GX1
JD+05L2138 5cc Luer-Lock 21GX½
JD+05L2225 5cc Luer-Lock 22GX1
JD+05L2238 5cc Luer-Lock 22GX½
JD+05L2525 5cc Luer-Lock 25GX1
JD+05S 5cc Luer-Slip without Needle
JD+10L2025-WEI 10cc Luer-Lock 20GX1
JD+10L2038-WEI 10cc Luer-Lock 20GX½
JD+10L2125-WEI 10cc Luer-Lock 21GX1
JD+10L2138-WEI 10cc Luer-Lock 21GX½
JD+10L2225-WEI 10cc Luer-Lock 22GX1
JD+10L2238-WEI 10cc Luer-Lock 22GX½
JD+10L-WEI 10cc Luer-Lock without Needle
JD+10S-WEI 10cc Luer-Slip without Needle
JD+20ES 20cc Eccentric-Slip without Needle
JD+20L 20cc Luer-Lock without Needle
JD+30ES-G 30cc Eccentric-Slip without Needle – Gamma
JD+30L-G 30cc Luer-Lock without Needle – Gamma
JD+50ES-G 50cc Eccentric-Slip without Needle – Gamma
JD+50L-G 50cc Luer-Lock without Needle – Gamma

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