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Health Management

We offer electronic healthcare solutions particularly for elderly care. We have been devoting to the elderly care industry. We have been working with industry experts and developed customizable solutions for your special needs.

Medication Management

Medication management enables medical practice to main better efficiency and patient satisfactin. It saves time and money, and increases patient safety by reducing errors.

Beverage & Food Service Management

Accurate information regarding food and nutrition products. Caregivers with responsibilities for management of food service should be able to maintain databases of foods, recipes and ingredients.

Bed Management

Bed management improves bed utilization and planning with a clear layout and display, helping to automate the entire admissions and discharge process.

Patient Support Management

When health care providers have access to complete and accurate information, patients receive better medical care. With the patient support system can improve the ability to diagnose diseases and reduce—even prevent—medical errors, improving patient outcomes.

7/24 Monitoring Management

Even intensive care physician and nurse shortages can also provide patients with 24/7 support. Bringing critical care closer to the patient, remote monitoring removes the hurdle of geography and reduces the burden of transporting patients and health care provides' traveling time and cost.

Telemedicine / Telecare Solutions

Telemedicine solutions are efficient and effective while caregivers can actually see the patients, visually know the real-time condition and  document the encounter. It's why the telemedicine solutions can help to connect physicians and patients via interactive video. It also allows sharing photos and recording videos. With this visual data and better communication with the patients, telemedicine visits can provide a better alternative to in-person visits.

Open EHR Consultants

● OpenMRS
● OpenEMR
● Bahmni
● WorldVistA

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